Corporate Films

We help you to enhance your overall brand equity among the customers (B2B), suppliers, employees and other vendors, through developing a strategic and appropriate Corporate Films.

Corporate Films are non-interactive audio visual communication material, primarily used in a corporate or B2B environment. Corporate films incorporate your company’s profile, its infrastructure, its products/ services and its core strengths.

Examples of corporate video include
  • marketing videos
  • staff training and safety videos
  • financial results videos
  • motivational videos

Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia Presentations are the interactive audio visual presentations, where the viewer clicks the link to see the related video. These are mainly used in educating the buyers about the products and its usages.

Examples of Multimedia Presentations include

  • Product demos
  • Multimedia Sales Presentations
  • Multimedia Product Sales and Concept Demos
  • Exquisitely designed PowerPoint Presentations
  • Web-based tutorials
  • Machine assembly

TV Commercials

One of the key elements of Branding and brand promotion is TV commercial. We team Montage deliver you the best concepts that are in tandem with your brand promotional strategies. We conceptualize, visualize, produce and promote.

2D & 3D Animation

A team of visualisers and animators are engaged in production of customized animations. Logo animations, Product animations and animated TV ads are some of our animation services.

One Minute Promo Videos

These promo videos are a quick sneak peak of products, services and other activities. These videos can also be made into creative presentations for attracting online virality.

Training Videos

Training videos for internal employee training in HR department, assembly unit, IT & ITES, Manufacturing unit, etc. provide you the best platform to achieve what you desire. Intuitive, informative and enriching videos are the best way to engage your audience.

Profile Videos

Profile videos are made to promote Individuals among a group or society. These videos usually speak about the individual’s capacities, capabilities, philanthropic activities and so on.

Short Film & Documentary Production

Short Films are fictional part, where certain ideas and thoughts can be made into film within the limited budget. Documentaries are non-fictional and real. These are for documentation and educational purpose. We possess technical expertise backed by a professional team to produce award-winning short films and documentaries.