“Montage is the Essence of Cinema” – Sergei Eisenstein

Montage Media Production as our name suggests “Montage is the essence of Cinema “, the way to tell stories. Having the knowledge of how to read a film, how to see a film and how to make a film, we made our first in-house Independent Cinema “Madhubaanakadai” (provide link to in 2012.

The movie received wide appreciation and critical acclamation. It also won National Level Best Debutant Director Special Mention, Aravindan Puraskaram Award for 2012. Our movie is the first Tamil Movie to receive the Award in 22 years of inception of Aravindan Puraskaram.

We possess strong capabilities and technical experts who could effectively handle all departments of movie making including Conceptualization, Script writing, Screenplay writing, Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Visual Effects, Music, Sound Effects, Animation and so on.

Cinema Club of Coimbatore

Cinema Club of Coimbatore is a dedicated film club of 10 years young. Right from bringing home world-class movies to Film Appreciation events, Seminars, Workshops and Film Festivals, we leave no stones unturned when it comes to raise the level of audience.
We also bring in the right talents from the Industry to educate and train you in the field of Script writing, screenplay writing, direction, editing, cinematography, acting and VFX.